Should You Choose the LED or Halogen Lights?

Although you can choose whatever fishing lights for your needs, keep in mind that there are some big differences of the regular halogen and LED underwater fish lights. From the features and functionalities, you can definitely expect a significant difference – not to mention that there is also the pricing factor to consider about.

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The Halogen vs LED Lights

You probably have been accustomed to the old-school halogen lights which are inexpensive. They are pretty common and easily to find. However, you should also remember that these kinds of lights have shorter life expectancy. Sure, you may only spend a few dollars for it but when you have to buy one again within the next month or week, you are actually spending more than you think. Some of the halogen lights are pretty bulky and heavy although you can also find one with a better portability and smaller design. But then again, the modern lights will cost you more. So, why bother spending more money for a short-term item?

The LED lights are definitely more modern with an efficient feature. Since it is a part of the modern technology, the design is pretty compact, versatile, and portable – allowing you easier carry. Not to mention that LED lights cost less with little power. For instance, a regular halogen light consumes 4 amps at around 12V and produces 9,900 candlepower. Meanwhile, a LED light consumes only 1.3 amps at 12V and produces 12,570 candlepower (around 1,000 lumens). From these numbers alone, you get the idea, right?

Which One to Choose?

Again, the decision to choose the right light for you depends on your preference and your needs. Sure, the halogen lights may be cheaper but you actually save more money in the longer run if you buy the LED lights. Since they produce more power with energy efficient feature, you can expect better and also long-lasting lights that will make your fishing activity more enjoyable.