If you are an individual coming from a low-income household or if you are a recipient of one or more federal or state government assistance programs who are currently looking for a way to communicate with your friends and family as well as with many opportunities out there, you will definitely be glad to know that there is a free cell phone program that you can get from the government. This might sound a little too good to be true, but the truth is this program has helped thousands of individuals and households across eighteen states in the country to be able to find and easy and affordable way of communication without you having to sign a contract with a cell phone carrier that is often expensive and with many hidden fees that you will only feel later when the bill comes in.

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Look here to find out more about this free cell phone program, including things such as the states in which this program is currently available and the eligibility criteria that you might have to fulfill for your application to this program to be approved. Keep in mind that each state might have a different rule and criteria regarding eligibility, so it will be wise if you make sure that you are indeed eligible for this program in accordance to your own state guidelines. If you are eligible, however, once you are accepted you will receive your very own cell phone for free in as short as ten business days after you receive the initial approval information, and you can use that cell phone immediately for making calls and texting. If you need more services, such as unlimited minutes and texts or even data plans, you could also purchase affordable add-ons.