Having Perfect Holiday in Singapore and Malaysia

Having a good time in a foreign country will be better if you can take something different to enjoy it. For example, having holiday in Singapore, this could be the smartest plan you should take because you can definitely get the newest and different way to enjoy the holiday in a cheap and easy way. So how come enjoying Singapore with bus is such a good idea?

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The first thing may come in your head probably about the beautiful big city along with the perfect lighting at night. Well, this is true, though, however, will you enjoy this kind of perfect view only with walking or even just with the car? Well, you should probably enjoy it not only with the car but also with taking the bus as a general transportation in Singapore.

Spending holiday in Singapore with the smart way

Talking about holiday in Singaporecan’t be separated by taking a little trip to Malaysia. You must know that Singapore and Malaysia are such lovely countries you must visit for. Besides, both of them are in the neighborhood so you will find lots of way to make sure you can go to both of them. Especially, by taking the bus.

If we already mentioned about taking the bus as a perfect choice along with the beautiful city, you should know that taking the bus from Singapore to Malaysia is just as easy as you can imagine. And what can be more important is that you can find it as the cheapest choice you must choose. It is not only cheap but also have such a good and comfortable facilities inside the bus.

Taking holiday in Singaporeis such a perfect choice you should have. So what are you waiting for? Still thinking about having a good holiday? Let’s take the bus then!

Transnasional and the Online System

You have decided to travel by bus and yet you can’t really decide which fleet to use. You don’t know which one to trust or which one having the service that you want. You want to choose a provider and yet you aren’t really sure about their qualification. Mind you that there are a lot of qualified providers in easybook. You can find the fleets and the companies that you want from the wide array of options.

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Choosing Transnasional

If you come to easybook, one of the online travel management services operating in Asia, you can see the available options of fleets that are available on the website. Among the so many brands and names in the industry, you can choose Transnasional, the professional fleet that is operating throughout the Asia, especially in Malaysia.

What makes the fleet special and unique? First of all, the company has been operating for more than two decades which mean that they have gained enough experience and skills, allowing them to understand the clients’ needs and preference. And since they have been working for more than twenty years in the industry, they have a pretty good idea of what to offer to the clients.

Second, the company has made an improvement, especially in technology. They know that they need to catch up with the improvement and the flow of the industry. The fact that they have incorporated themselves in the digital management and the online system has proven their dedication to showing the best for their clients.

The Easy Online System

If you are interested in buying the tickets, feel free to come to http://transnasional.easybook.com/. You can always take a look around; see how simple and basic it is to reserve a ticket. By providing the information of the date of your departure and arrival, complete with your traveling point and your destination, and the number of travelers, you will be given various options of the fleet that will be perfect for your needs. It’s pretty easy, isn’t it?


Modern Travel and Online Easiness

Traveling does require a careful planning and management. Even when you are traveling a short distance, you need to carefully plan everything so you won’t be stranded in the middle of anywhere. Even when you want to travel to Singapore from Malacca (or you want to travel from Singapore to anywhere in Thailand or Malaysia), there are different options and alternatives that you can choose. Whether you want to travel by land or by air, the choice is yours.

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Why not choosing the bus, anyway? If you want to travel from Malacca to Singapore, for example, you can always use the bus instead of using the plane or renting the car. Traveling by plane or renting a car is costly and you will have to make an extra spending. If you are rather tight on the budget and you can’t afford spending extra, going by bus is the most economical option that you can do.

Modern Traveling and the Easiness

After all, traveling by bus is more convenient than ever. Not only are the bus fleets more modern and sophisticated, making the reservation and the purchasing is easy. If you want to arrange the bus from Melaka to Singapore by EasyBook, you can do whatever you want easily. When you log into the website at http://www.easybook.com/en-my/bus/booking/malacca-to-singapore, you only need to fill in the required fields with the related information that is important to your travel. Once you are given lists of the options, you can complete the payment and you have reserved your seats! It’s that simple.

No more standing in lines. No more going to the ticket booths. No more driving far away just to buy the tickets. No more paper-based tickets. You can get the code and show it to the bus crew during the departure. Today’s traveling is more comfortable, more convenient, and simpler than ever. As long as you have the internet connection and your smartphone, you are good to go.

Ticketing Guide for Ferry to Pulau Tioman

Pulau Tioman has been number one destination for the tourist when they heard about Malaysia. If Thailand has Phuket and Indonesia has Bali, this Malaysia has Tioman. It has been famous for its coral reef and the beautiful landscape you can get there. Diving and snorkeling are the most wanted thing to do when they have been there. People should try to dive there because there are many things to see like beautiful coral, fish and other creatures there. What you have to do when you are planning to go there is to think about the preparation like the home stay or hotel, transportation, and the tickets. Pulau Tioman is the best answer for those who crave to have wildlife and rainforest at once. The great marine things in Pulau Tioman are just too amazing to miss. That is why many tourists come there. What you have to do

How to get there?


That question is the very common thing to ask because to get there; you will need bus and ferry. If you want to get ticketing for Ferry to Pulau Tioman, you are right to go here. What you have to do when you are going to get the ticketing guide for the ferry to Pulau Tioman is to click easybook.com. In the search bar, you have to click Tioman as the destination and then go the departure point as you are near to the departure point. No matter you come from Malaysia or Singapore, you have to go there first. Then you will be directed to the ferry ticket offer. There will be some schedules that you can go with. The options are just about the bus to go to the harbor and then ferry ticket to Tioman. You have to choose the two right choices before you pay. After that, you need to pay through the method you already have.

Why Should You Take Kuching Bintulu Bus?

In fact, when we search for some traveling tips on the internet, we find so many sites discussing how to travel safely by plane. It seems like people only love traveling using the plane as it is faster than other transportation. Take an example when we decide to travel from Kuching to Bintulu by plane. People now forget how the Southeast Asia offer great things to see by bus. Here are reasons why you should Go traveling from Kuching to Bintulu Bus.

Reasons Why You Should Take Kuching Bintulu Bus

    • Less budget. When you are thinking about budgeting, Kuching Bintulu bus is the best choice. Getting the low-cost airlines for local flights are much more difficult to compare with the bus. We bet you can save more money than you think by taking a bus for a trip.
    • Keep in touch during the trip. Today, buses offer great facilities like power outlets or Free WiFi which we cannot find such connection by plane. You can spend your long trip by doing something important like checking the email or just do something interesting with it. On the contrary, airlines ask you to pay more than the internet bill you should pay in a month, but you cannot get this!

  • It is impossible to miss Baggage. When you fly, people always get mad for losing their luggage and should fill complicated steps to get it back. When you take the King Bintulu bus, your chance to miss your lovely baggage is lesser than flying. Isn’t that good?
  • Accessibility. What else that people expect except the accessibility which we cannot find on the airlines. The airplane will have a different dropping which makes the passenger take another transportation to reach the destination. The bus is different. It has a wider spot to access.