Picking the best air fryer


It is so daunting when you are going to be picking the best air fryer as we all know that air fryer is not cheap. Investing it by air fryer can be good. You also need to think about the features, size, and the quality. Picking the best air fryer is not as easy as picking what food you have to eat, but you need to think more about the considerations so you won’t make any wrong decision. We all know that air fryer is not cheap so by choosing the right air fryer, we have invested the money for the further appliance. There are many considerations when you have to pick the best air fryer from size until features so here we are giving tips to choose it.

  • You have to think about the size and wattage. Size is in line with wattage. The bigger size needs, the bigger wattage. It’ll be more important to see how big size you need, and it’s also important to see the wattage because we have to think about the whole wattage of our house. It’s important to consider balance for wattage.
  • Features are also essential because it relates to how you are going to cook whether you will cook automatic or just doing it manually by shaking the frying pan after minutes. There are several types of air fryers, manual one, and automatic one. It lets you have automatic shaking to make it good or not.
  • The technology is also a consideration. There are two technologies like rapid air circulation and rapid air technology. It will influence the quality of how food is cooked. Some people claim that rapid air circulation is better than rapid air only because the better circulation will make it faster well-cooked.



If you love the modern touch of air fryer, PHILIPS comes to give you the best solution. In this air fryer review, we can compare the PHILIPS HD9220/26 with PHILIPS HD9230/26. Talking about the price PHILIPS HD9230/26 DIGITAL AIRFRYER with RAPID AIR is $274.89. It is the most expensive air fryer when we compare to the best seller of air fryer in Amazon.com. It is versus is PHILIPS HD9220/26 AIRFRYER with Rapid Air Technology is $199.00. although the price of HD9230/26 is more expensive than HD9220/26,the product has the longer cooking time, it is 60 minutes. Both of them have the same capacity. It is 1.8lb cooking basket capacity.

Start to Life Healthier with PHILIPS

Philips offers the healthier way to fry the good. To not only fry, but you also can bake and roast with this brand of air fryer. The fryers work with all kind of foods and even frozen foods. It is also easy to clean and dishwasher safe. If you want to get the fast result, you just need to pay attention of this fryer. If we compare to HD9230/26 DIGITAL AIRFRYER, it is a newer model with the improvement. It is a fast free. It also capable of cooking French fries in about 8 minutes. It stills giving your food the crunchy exterior so that it looks better than oil fried chips. It is also easy to operate and clean. It is safe for the dishwasher and removable. It is a big one, not all kitchens can handle it comfortably. This air fryer comes with a 45-page cookbook. You can start to cook the delicious and healthy foods for you and your family now. What do you think now? Which one is your favorite air fryer? You can check again, what you need in air fryer and check your budget. If it is possible, you can get the best one with affordable price, but the quality is good to keep for a long time.