Archery and Its Historical Development


So, you are interested in learning archery and you probably want to look cool while using the bow and the arrow. Well, keep in mind that archery isn’t about the cool sports that will be the chick magnet. Archery is a serious sport that can help you to develop your physical strength as well as your mental clarity. Archery can be a good hobby and it is pretty exciting and fun. However, there are some things to know before you jump into the action and take parts in the archery lessons or classes.

The History

Archery is basically an old and ancient practice that has dated back to the time of Mesolithic and Paleolithic Period – where the ancient people were practicing it for hunting (not for sports). Later on, archery was practiced by kings and queens, especially in Europe. The oldest archery event that was recorded in the history was dated 1483 in Scotland. Since then, the English style bows were mostly used for different archery events, such as competitions, hunting, and recreation. And only after 1920, modern compound and recurve bows were used widely. The Western society has witnessed the vast development of the archery itself, starting from the modern shape of the equipment, bows, and archery. Archery was then added into the Olympic sports list in 1972, making it an official world class sport.


When you want to start, it is quite understandable if you are confused. After all, there are so many terms and options in archery. Be sure that you know the various sizes and types of the arrows and the bows. There are also different size and weight of the bow. Understand the terminology and how to draw the bowstring properly. You should also be familiar with the places that are providing the archery equipment. It would be better if you know the offline as well as the online stores.