Stream Energy: EZ Start

Stream has a unique program that pays your early termination fee. Stream Energy Texas wants to help customers save, which is the purpose of this program. When you switch to Stream on a plan longer than 12 months, the company will pay your early termination fee.

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How it works

First, you need to enroll in an electricity plan which is longer than 12 months.

After that, send an e-mail to Stream containing a copy (photo or scan) of your final bill. Send it to

The e-mail must include

  • All pages of your final bill. You need to make sure that it clearly shows the ESI ID or Utility Account number, your full name as well as ETF amount charged.
  • Your phone number
  • Your Stream customer account number
  • Finally, the company will send you a Visa debit card with your money (up to $150)

The criteria

Here are the criteria that must be met.

  • New residential energy customer who is switching to Stream from another electricity provider
  • First and last name matches the name on prior provider’s bill Enrolled in a Stream plan which is longer than 12 months
  • ESI ID or Utility Account Number must match the with the ESI ID or Utility Account Number enrolled with Stream

Who can participate in this program?

As we have already mentioned above, any new residential energy customer who switches to Stream and enrolls in a plan which is longer than 12 months can participate in the EZ Start program.

How does the program work?

Once you have submitted your final bill and it has been approved, Stream will mail you a Visa debit card in the amount of your ETF, up to $150.

What is the ETF reimbursement limit?

If all criteria are met, Stream will pay your early termination fee up to $150.

Modern Travel and Online Easiness

Traveling does require a careful planning and management. Even when you are traveling a short distance, you need to carefully plan everything so you won’t be stranded in the middle of anywhere. Even when you want to travel to Singapore from Malacca (or you want to travel from Singapore to anywhere in Thailand or Malaysia), there are different options and alternatives that you can choose. Whether you want to travel by land or by air, the choice is yours.

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Why not choosing the bus, anyway? If you want to travel from Malacca to Singapore, for example, you can always use the bus instead of using the plane or renting the car. Traveling by plane or renting a car is costly and you will have to make an extra spending. If you are rather tight on the budget and you can’t afford spending extra, going by bus is the most economical option that you can do.

Modern Traveling and the Easiness

After all, traveling by bus is more convenient than ever. Not only are the bus fleets more modern and sophisticated, making the reservation and the purchasing is easy. If you want to arrange the bus from Melaka to Singapore by EasyBook, you can do whatever you want easily. When you log into the website at, you only need to fill in the required fields with the related information that is important to your travel. Once you are given lists of the options, you can complete the payment and you have reserved your seats! It’s that simple.

No more standing in lines. No more going to the ticket booths. No more driving far away just to buy the tickets. No more paper-based tickets. You can get the code and show it to the bus crew during the departure. Today’s traveling is more comfortable, more convenient, and simpler than ever. As long as you have the internet connection and your smartphone, you are good to go.

Benefits of Carrageenan in Food Industry

You probably have heard about carrageenan and yet you don’t really know what it is. You know that it is somehow important for today’s modern industry but what is exactly carrageenan and what can it do?

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The Usage of Carrageenan

Carrageenan is basically a type of natural additive extracted from the red seaweed. Although this kind of seaweed can also be found in Africa and Southeast Asia, it is mostly popular as the Irish Moss because most people know that such seaweed is indigenous from the Coast of Ireland.

What is the function of carrageenan, really?

  • Well, first of all, carrageenan can be used as a conventional medicine. It can be used to deal with the intestinal issue, cough, and inflammation – to name a few. The local Irish people have used to make their own carrageenan to treat the gastrointestinal problem and other health issues. But when you add acid in the carrageenan (and convert it into poligeenan), you can treat peptic ulcer.
  • Carrageenan is also popular as the food grade additive. It has a unique natural chemical structure allowing it to act as a thickener or a binder. Besides foods, carrageenan is also used in the healthcare industry like creams or toothpaste.

The Long Journey

When we are talking about carrageenan, we are going to encounter some of the interesting facts. For instance, carrageenan is always related to the controversy. In fact, there is an ongoing debate about it where some people claim it to be safe and the others claim it to be dangerous. Each party comes with their own proof and scientific evidence but the ones claiming that carrageenan is dangerous turned out to use poligeenan as the subject of study – which makes everything even more complicated and confusing.

So far, there is no solid proof that carrageenan can cause side effects aside from the claims of those against it. Most of the evidence refer to the poligeenan and not the carrageenan.

W88 Overview

The online casino has become the popular lifestyle nowadays. There are some different online casino websites which offer you various types of games. From those famous betting website choices, you should choose the most reputable website for you. One of my recommendation of online casino is the W88 website. It’s the great place for you to put your wager.

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Innovative games

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Trusted and great services

W88 can be said as the trusted brand in term of casino online website. W88 will offer you the awesome service as well. All the teams of this website are the well-trained staff who have capabilities to handle your needs. You can easily ask for the professional customer service anytime. They can be reached 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week. They ensure you that you’ll get the fast responses from their customer services.