Analog and Digital Chess Timer


Finding the chess timer online mean you need to decide whether the analog or the digital one. Most people said that analog is a past thing. The reason to support this statement is the fact that Chess tournaments majority use the digital Clock. They use it as the time control like delay and increments. Delay and increments are the important things in the professional Chess world. In this case, you will find that the analog is cannot be stopped while the digital can.

Which One is Better?

Therefore, the question is why the analog chess clock is still produced? It is because of there is still a large market for them although there is no guarantee that the analog one will not get a breakdown. You cannot repair it, and the only one you can do is only change it into something new. Analog chess clock is still wanted because of its authentic and classic feel. The look of it is also classic. The chessboard is a simple and old fashion implement. The analog chess clocks have a higher quality and design than the digital. Not only it, the analog serves an as much decorative purpose. It does not mean that the digital one cannot be attractive, but the antiqued nature of the analog chess clock can give it an ornamental sense. It is lacking to have the digital version. No matter what type of the clock that you want as long as you get the best one in your budget than everything is good. You can practice well and improve your skill. You can finish the game fast and there is no a better thing than it. consider your purpose at first and do not forget to consider about its price too. You do no need the expensive one of it as long as you can reach your purpose of this timer.

Beware The How to get best deals Scam


If you are one of the “big” buyers in Littlewoods, you may have known about the ways to get the best deals there. Indeed, you have been so experienced in picking the right times to buying good deals but as a newbie, you may be confused about ways to get the best deals. For your information, Littlewoods Online has been giving special days that you can note or mark in the calendar to stay tuned on what days they should have visited before the race of getting great sales are running out. Getting the fantastic sales is hard, that is why you need to know the ways to get the best deals in Littlewoods. As we have been busy making an update on products, so we just have little tips to get the best deals in Littlewoods online. Make sure that you’ll remember for dates or week you can meet the great sales.

Ways to get

The first thing to do is when you are drooling the best deals is marking the calendar on special days. Littlewoods usually give in special days like a valentine, New Year and Christmas. You got to stay tuned days before the day of sales to know the exact date of shopping deals. Moreover, you don’t need to think hard when you remember the days because luckily, Littlewoods offer “Deals of the week” to make you more interested and happy to shop. The second way to get into the deals is a subscribing newsletter of the official website so you will get the notification when there is a special day on deals. Getting the update from email will be more effective because the possibility of missing the date is smaller. That is why you need to subscribe the email notification or news for this update. So, you will not miss any update from there.



NBA 2K17 is an incredibly great game and truly a worthy successor to the award-winning NBA 2K16, but like its predecessor, it heavily features a microtransaction model that can be pretty grating for new and old players alike. With this microtransaction model, a player must be willing to spend quite a lot of their own hard-earned money on NBA 2K17 locker codes that they can redeem for the game’s virtual currency, which in turn can be used to purchase upgrades or acquire better players for your team. If you have no money to spend on this game or are simply unwilling to do so, however, it does not mean that you cannot enjoy this game to its fullest. This is because our team has developed an incredibly powerful generator that you can use to generate all the NBA 2K17 locker codes you need to get the best experience in the game. Our NBA 2K17 locker codes generator is incredibly easy to use; all you have to do is to follow these few simple and easy steps:

  1. Open the page leading to the NBA 2K17 locker codes generator by choosing the console or device you are playing the game on. The generator can be used for quite a lot of different platforms, from Playstation to XBOX to PC and Mac, so there is really no need for you to worry that the platform you are using to play NBA 2K17 is not supported.
  2. You will be redirected to a page where you can share or like the NBA 2K17 locker codes generator you are using on your social media accounts. This is optional, however, and you can skip it if you want.
  3. NBA 2K17 locker codes will be generated automatically on the next page.


Sic Bo is a casino game that those who have ever visited Asian gambling destinations such as Macau must be pretty familiar of, and thanks to online casinos such as Oriental Casino, this interesting game is slowly gaining traction not only in Asia, but also in Europe as well as the United States and many other places across the globe.

When you first come across an online Sic Bo game, you might be feeling quite intimidated by its crowded and incredibly colorful table, but as soon as you get past it you will find out that the premise of this game is pretty easy to get the hang on. After playing the game a few times, even those of you who have never played Sic Bo before can understand the ins and outs of the game pretty well by then.


While Oriental Casino calls this game as Sic Bo, it is also known as Hi-Lo or Big-Small, depending on the region. At a glance, this game might seem to be pretty similar to Craps, as both of the games are played using dice with the objective of guessing the outcome of the dice being rolled, but upon further inspection both games differ very greatly. In Sic Bo, the dealer rolls the dice inside a special shaker, and after you have placed your bet the shaker is removed in order to reveal the outcome of each rolls, and this process is repeated for three times.

Sic Bo uses a special betting layout, although players of roulette and craps might notice some similarities between the layout used for Sic Bo and the ones used for both games. Players can bet on the properties of the dice by placing their chips on the corresponding image on the Sic Bo betting layout.

Get the discount in Homebase

mAlthough you have no experience in decorating your house and garden, it is your time to consult with the expert and be the expert too. Homebase provides the consultant in your house and gardening problem. You can ask the consultant about repairing or making the new one of your house and garden, so it will look nice. What are you waiting for? Let start this weekend by making a huge change to your house and garden. Sure, you should get the best quality of anything you need at the special price and you can get it in Homebase discount.

Start Your DIY

Everything based on ‘DIY’ usually creates something unique. Having the unique garden and home concept is everyone wishes because their house and garden will be the only one in this world. The sense of someone’s artistic skill is also challenged in his or her DIY project. Therefore, Homebase DIY comes to give their customers the sense of satisfaction. You will not only get the guide of DIY project, but you also can get the schedules of the installation. Where else can you get the best place to share about the house and garden as easy as we offered? Homebase is a great deal!

Everyone can be the expert in this case as long as they want to learn more. Homebase gives you a chance of it, so it would be better for you to apply it. Since the tools are expensive, people who only need it in few used will not try to buy it. In this case, you can hire it in Homebase. Homebase is your perfect choice to get the best solution for your home and garden need. You do not need to doubt because it is the huge online shopping in the United Kingdom.

Picking the best air fryer


It is so daunting when you are going to be picking the best air fryer as we all know that air fryer is not cheap. Investing it by air fryer can be good. You also need to think about the features, size, and the quality. Picking the best air fryer is not as easy as picking what food you have to eat, but you need to think more about the considerations so you won’t make any wrong decision. We all know that air fryer is not cheap so by choosing the right air fryer, we have invested the money for the further appliance. There are many considerations when you have to pick the best air fryer from size until features so here we are giving tips to choose it.

  • You have to think about the size and wattage. Size is in line with wattage. The bigger size needs, the bigger wattage. It’ll be more important to see how big size you need, and it’s also important to see the wattage because we have to think about the whole wattage of our house. It’s important to consider balance for wattage.
  • Features are also essential because it relates to how you are going to cook whether you will cook automatic or just doing it manually by shaking the frying pan after minutes. There are several types of air fryers, manual one, and automatic one. It lets you have automatic shaking to make it good or not.
  • The technology is also a consideration. There are two technologies like rapid air circulation and rapid air technology. It will influence the quality of how food is cooked. Some people claim that rapid air circulation is better than rapid air only because the better circulation will make it faster well-cooked.

Archery and Its Historical Development


So, you are interested in learning archery and you probably want to look cool while using the bow and the arrow. Well, keep in mind that archery isn’t about the cool sports that will be the chick magnet. Archery is a serious sport that can help you to develop your physical strength as well as your mental clarity. Archery can be a good hobby and it is pretty exciting and fun. However, there are some things to know before you jump into the action and take parts in the archery lessons or classes.

The History

Archery is basically an old and ancient practice that has dated back to the time of Mesolithic and Paleolithic Period – where the ancient people were practicing it for hunting (not for sports). Later on, archery was practiced by kings and queens, especially in Europe. The oldest archery event that was recorded in the history was dated 1483 in Scotland. Since then, the English style bows were mostly used for different archery events, such as competitions, hunting, and recreation. And only after 1920, modern compound and recurve bows were used widely. The Western society has witnessed the vast development of the archery itself, starting from the modern shape of the equipment, bows, and archery. Archery was then added into the Olympic sports list in 1972, making it an official world class sport.


When you want to start, it is quite understandable if you are confused. After all, there are so many terms and options in archery. Be sure that you know the various sizes and types of the arrows and the bows. There are also different size and weight of the bow. Understand the terminology and how to draw the bowstring properly. You should also be familiar with the places that are providing the archery equipment. It would be better if you know the offline as well as the online stores.


Ticketing Guide for Ferry to Pulau Tioman

Pulau Tioman has been number one destination for the tourist when they heard about Malaysia. If Thailand has Phuket and Indonesia has Bali, this Malaysia has Tioman. It has been famous for its coral reef and the beautiful landscape you can get there. Diving and snorkeling are the most wanted thing to do when they have been there. People should try to dive there because there are many things to see like beautiful coral, fish and other creatures there. What you have to do when you are planning to go there is to think about the preparation like the home stay or hotel, transportation, and the tickets. Pulau Tioman is the best answer for those who crave to have wildlife and rainforest at once. The great marine things in Pulau Tioman are just too amazing to miss. That is why many tourists come there. What you have to do

How to get there?


That question is the very common thing to ask because to get there; you will need bus and ferry. If you want to get ticketing for Ferry to Pulau Tioman, you are right to go here. What you have to do when you are going to get the ticketing guide for the ferry to Pulau Tioman is to click In the search bar, you have to click Tioman as the destination and then go the departure point as you are near to the departure point. No matter you come from Malaysia or Singapore, you have to go there first. Then you will be directed to the ferry ticket offer. There will be some schedules that you can go with. The options are just about the bus to go to the harbor and then ferry ticket to Tioman. You have to choose the two right choices before you pay. After that, you need to pay through the method you already have.


Once in a while, you will have a particularly bad game that gets you incredibly frustrated at your poker provider (or agen poker, as they might be called), your opponents, and even yourself. This feeling of frustration over your games running bad has caused a lot of poker players, both beginner and veteran alike, to get so frustrated that they experience a burnout that causes them to quit from playing poker altogether. If you want to avoid the same fate, then you need to be able to know what to do so you can have the maximum enjoyment of playing poker and not burning out easily


The simplest way you can avoid burnout is to switch your playing style. Sure, playing aggressively all the time might be fun, but it can also be mentally and physically tiring after a while. If you want to be able to know if you are running bad or if you are simply playing badly, then the easiest way to do so is to play your game by the book. It might not be flashy, but playing by the book has led a lot of players into the road of success. You might also want to step back from your computer and log out of your agen poker site for a while, and relearn what you think you know about poker by reading poker books or going to a poker website to refresh your memory.

If you are tired of playing the same game of poker over and over again, you might also want to consider learning a different poker game to mix things up once in a while. Not only will you have more games to choose from, playing different games will also improve your overall poker skills.

Assessing the Qualities of the Main Meditation Techniques


Meditation is more popular than ever. In recent years, people have paid more attention to the well-being of their mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical self. There are plenty of meditation techniques, and people who have experienced the benefits of meditation firsthand might be tempted to try them all. Here are 3 basic meditation techniques that you are welcome to try today.

Focused Attention (FA)

The idea in Focused Attention practices is to focus your attention on one single object in your awareness. It can be an object, a candle for instance, an internal image such as the mountain or the sea, a worthy emotion or intention such as compassion, or a generalized sound (also known as mantra meditation).

Open Monitoring (OM)

Open Monitoring actually falls within the various branches of Buddhist mindfulness techniques. The OM practices includes a placement of awareness of your breath, feelings or thoughts, with a view of detaching yourself from the grip of your train of thoughts. In OM practices, you learn how to detach yourself so that you can begin to identifying your emotions and thought patterns, taking full control of yourself.

Automatic Self-Transcending (AST)

In Automatic Self-Transcending meditation techniques, the emphasis is on effortlessness. AST practices include the gentle repetition of a mantra chosen specifically for the individual. The mantric vibration that works on personal level has soothing effects on the nervous system, and this lead to deel levels of transcendence and the spontaneous correction of the physiological and psychological imbalance.

Those are just 3 of many meditation techniques in the world today, and each has its own unique aspects to the practice. When it comes to making your choice, you may want to try the different techniques first to narrow down your selection, and then choose one in which you find the most ease and enjoyment.